Killdeer Food Company

Ellen Laing

We are a multi-generational organic farm, producing the highest quality vegetables possible. Ken and Martha Laing established Orchard Hill Farm in 1979, have been using exclusively organic practices since 1983, and were some of the founding members of London Area Organic Growers.

With the intention of improving upon the soil’s  health, we use low till techniques, cover cropping, crop rotation, and horse-power. The vegetable operation, now under the direction of Ken and Martha’s daughter Ellen Laing, goes by the name Killdeer Food Company, named for Ellen’s favourite feathered companion, the Killdeer. Ellen worked as a farm-to-table chef in Portland, Oregon before moving back home to the family farm and also sells kimchi, soups & salads.

Soil health is wealth, and it translates to the flavour and nutritional value of the crops that we produce. Experience for yourself – pre-order from our easy-to-use online store (Tuesday & Wednesday), then pick up either at the farm Fridays, or at the Covent Garden Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. May-December.

Don’t like to plan? Just come to the outdoor farmer’s market at Covent Garden on Saturdays 8am-1pm.

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