Pearadise Food Forest

Sasha d'Harmony

Can you envision with us; a patch of nature filled with fruit trees, berry bushes, nuts, herbs and fragrant flowers at every step? The sound of birds, the feel of a soft, sheltered breeze. The old ways of running an orchard are no more! At Pearadise, we are on our way to transforming an old Pear Orchard into a flourishing Forest Garden!

Our goal is to show what can be achieved when we as humans choose to work with the elements and nature, with the aim of providing food and medicines for the local community while simultaneously keeping the health of the land a priority. The more we care about the health of the soil the more nutritious our food, bodies and lives become!

At the outset, we are focusing on what is already here, taking care of the Pears and our crop of organic, hand-planted garlic! Plans for mushrooms and other wild edibles and ferments are on the horizon for this year.

We are running an “Adopt-a-Tree” program, where we invite you to come learn about tree guilds and regenerative growing practices, to see the transition from Mono-culture to Permaculture. Learn about plant companions, basic pruning and why we are on this journey together. Included is a sampling of our products throughout the seasons. Never too late to sign up, call us for details!

Pearadise Food Forest is an eco-participant project working with The Living Centre, to learn more please visit their website at

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