Three Ridges Ecological Farm

Drake Larsen & Sarah Hargreaves

We grow pasture-raised chicken, duck, pork and 100% grass-fed lamb and beef using regenerative and organic methods. We care for the animals in a way that meets their biological expectations — a life outside with sunlight, fresh pasture, mother’s milk, extended nursing, appropriate and diverse feed, and herd and flock integrity — with no chronic stress. For cattle and sheep, which are ruminants that subsist entirely on forage, we use organic methods to grow rich pasture and prairie forage and fodder from trees and shrubs. For poultry and pigs, which are monogastric and require supplemental feed in addition to pasture, we source the most diverse feed mixes made from locally grown and locally milled grain and seeds, all of which are non-GMO and free of chemical residues. Care in raising, handling and feeding animals results in nutrient-rich, flavourful food.

Read more about our farm, including our 3R approach to tending the land.

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