Glengyle Farm Organics

Bill & Linda Lamont

Our farm has been in the family since we settled from Scotland in 1841. Returning to the original practices or our founding family members, we were certified organic since 1999. We are certified with Pro Cert Organic Systems. 

Our cows are pastured in organic fields with access to shelter. All animals are grass-fed and grass-finished, treated humanely, as well, they are hormone and antibiotic-free.

Chickens are certified organic. They are raised seasonally outside since they do not tolerate our Canadian winters. They are first available starting in June. Frozen chicken is available until the supply is sold out in January or February.

We are at the Komoka market and Strathroy market on Saturdays when it is operating. You can also order in bulk by ordering a quarter cow or half cow. We have various cuts available at any given time on the home farm although supply is variable and not guaranteed.

You will find our products in restaurants and stores in South Western Ontario but you can also come directly to our farm. Just call ahead to be sure that we are near the house, available to serve you.

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